Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funday - Vintage Old Ads

It's advertisements like the following that help me understand the women's liberation movement.  This is what the activist women grew up with.  We don't realize that.

New Ivory Soap

Amolin Deodorant Powder 1929
"Sold everywhere for 30¢ and 60¢"

1930's Lucky Strike Cigarettes

1952 Complete kitchen in 5 sq. ft.

Pep Vitamins

1979 Thermador Oven

Turn of the century advert for
Sanitized Tape Worms
to stay thin

Feeling better about yourself, ladies?  This is funny now, but imagine finding this kind of thing in this morning's paper, in the doctor's office waiting room, on the billboard along the highway.  I'm glad they're vintage.

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