Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Women's Health Week

Maybe not so awful when the advertising is this pretty.

"It's Tough Being A Woman!"

Our minor ills come from one cause,
I just would've guessed that being peptic was a symptom
and not a cause.

I don't know what this is advertising.

Doesn't look dainty to me!

Lysol has been quite a resourceful product.

Cocaine.  What it isn't good for.

We are delicate and need our blood-food.

These gal's are too happy to have their period.

1943  It's your American duty to keep working.
What has this to do with a toothbrush?

1978  Would this not be the longest two hours?

Anything like Special K?

I wanna be a Thinner, too!

"If you're twenty with drooping skin - you're old."

Do they really not catch these, or just hope the public doesn't?

"...does NOT affect the heart"
Wait a minute.

Because there are so many exercises we don't do already!

Some men would go for that Finnish fanny.

Note to self:
Don't drink like a man.

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