Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

What a great time to show our gratitude to our teachers!
They work seemingly tireless with all our children, and despite all the jokes about their three-month sabatical, I say
"Give the teachers their summer!"

Teaching is a huge job!  This week, lets make it special for the guardians of our children's days and minds.

I believe that teachers are some of our most practical proffesionals.  They need to do much with little, and often.  When it's time for gifts, it can be tricky to know what to give.  Here is where I've found practicality to be appreciated.

Gift cards are popular right now, and for good reason.  They're super practical and you can't go wrong.  Who has the money to take a chance on gifts?
Let gifts be just that, gifts.

Layered recipe jars are a darling and frugal idea, and something the kids can help put together.
These can be anything from cookies to soups, muffins to beverages.

Some of your homemade jam would make a delicious gift! 
Decorate the jar a bit and have your child write what kind and year.

Scrabble Tile Name Plate

Name plates made with letter blocks or scrabble tiles might be a good idea for that teacher with a hard-to-spell name.  Great to put on the desk for the kids.


The Skip to My Lou blog site offers a free bookplate print-out.   You will find one for Mr. or for Mrs. and the template gives you six per sheet.  Just click on "bookplates" above.

Flower Tag
I've included their link to this flower tag, also.  You can edit your own child's name onto the tag, and print nine on each sheet.


Of course a story about our gratitude for our beloved teachers wouldn't be complete without an apple.  Here's a most-practical gift idea!  With this template you will get eight leaves on a sheet.  You might choose to print them on green paper or have your child color them with a green colored pencil.

Coffee cozies are a fun and quick idea for your coffee or tea-drinking instructor.  Weather you knit, crochet, quilt, sew, or just repurpose an old sweater cuff, you can make a handy little cozy to keep valuable teacher fingers safe from hot beverages.

"You are out of this world"
tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar

"Thanks a 'latte'!"
 tag with a gift card from local coffee shop, special coffees or travel mug

"You are a 'treasure'
 tag with Treasures candy

"You are 'tea'rrific!"
 tag with a selection of teas

"You are o'fish'ally the best!"
 tag attached to Goldfish Crackers

"You 'mint' so much to us this year"
 tag attached to some mints

Some other ideas from Skip to My Lou:

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