Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Tomato Trimming

Don't let any of the plant's precious last days of energy go to anything
but those final treasured tomatoes. 
It's gonna be a long, long winter, friends.
It always is.

Snip the vine just above the fruit,
leaving a leaf for good measure.

Be sure to leave no flowers.
They take energy that the last ripening tomato could be using.
Show no mercy.
Pinch it off.

It's a beautiful season, but choices need to be made.
One of these has to go.
There's no chance they'll both ripen this late in the year,
not without drastic measures.
Are you prepared for that?
Me neither.

These are the rare vegetation that should not be composted.
Tomatoes carry a fungus that harms next years harvest.
Trash them.

Remember all those green tomato recipes, friends!

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