Thursday, October 24, 2013

Operation Christmas Children II

What are some of your favorite gifts for shoeboxes?
I'm creative so my favorites are papers, color pencils, and a sharpener.
All ages of boys and girls like these.

There are so many great ideas for kids.
Just look at this precious little girl with her new pink hat and mittens.
That's gratefulness in those sparkly eyes!
Do you change your toothbrush every few months?
Tooth paste and a tooth brush make a welcome gift.
So does soap and a nice washcloth.
A brush, comb, barrettes, headband, leg warmers, slippers, flip flops,
hat, purse, bandana, sunglasses will also bless.
Of course, there are always toys!
And candy!
Hard candy is best, as it handles time and temperatures.
Think yoyos, Matchbox cars, LEGOs, marbles, dolls, balls, plushies,
puppets, colored chalk, bells, play dough, you're catching on!
Just promise to toss in a toothbrush alongside those

Don't forget to pray for the child who will be receiving your shoebox.
And be blessed!

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