Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

From the Family Fun website,
I love this place! ...

Right out of the pot, when they're still hot, color with crayons.  They wax will melt on the heated eggs brilliantly.

Melted Crayon Eggs

Some cotton balls and pipe cleaners are about all you need for these adorable roly poly little lambs.  What child wouldn't love this?

Sheep Egg

With black olive bits, a long fresh chive and a couple of sliced radishes you could make this darling mouse.

Egg Mice

Egg Heads

This looks like fun for the whole family.  From olives to chives, tomatoes to parsley, use your imagination and introduce healthy foods in a really exciting way!

Fancy Feathered Friends

So easy with some feathers and a little clever trimming on the carton.  How precious in the Easter baskets!

Eggshell Bouquet

Likely not an easy craft, but if you should get a few nicely shaped egg cups whilst peeling shells try fashioning a few of these to decorate your springtime.

Happy Easter!!

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