Thursday, April 14, 2011

Organizing Computer & Electronics Cords

Does this jumbled mess look familiar? 

And with the little heat and air currents creating an electrostatic field, there will be prolific dust bunny reproductive activity developing beneath the desk.

It's terrible trying to clean it.

I decided to arm myself.

While there's nothing I can do to prevent the static, I can make it easier to clean, and to cipher which cord belongs to which device.

With these simple household items I was able to simplify!
Glory be!

Scissiors, toilet paper tube, tape, paper hole punch, Sharpie, twistie ties.

Not surprisingly, there were a few stray cords.
(From where do they spring?)
I extract them and promptly relegate them to the quintessential "Honey Do" list.
Goodness knows, I don't know what they're for!

The goal here is to
1. Keep like with like
2. Eliminate excess cord length
3. Label clearly

Still ugly, but I can live with this.
More importantly, I can clean it!


  1. Hi, friend! You've got so much creativity and I'm admiring them all. Can you share your creative posts at my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there :)

  2. Thanks for the invite! I've got your button on a new page; "My Favorite Blogs". Love your site!


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