Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ephemera - Get it for FREE

I just love ephemera!
I always have.  Of course, we use to just call it old stuff;
antique, art nouveau, art deco, tin-type photographs etc.

These last two are styles of art popular during
specific eras.  However, ephemera is the word we use lately
that easily encompasses all such
lovely, and even quirky
styles of the past.
Yes, this includes the now-popular vintage.

Whether you are an artist, a teacher,
a scrap-booker, or crafter,
you're reading this because either you love it
or you're curious.
Check out some of these sites for a fun lesson
and start your own collection.

The Graphics Fairy has all kinds of ephemera in which to lose yourself.
She posts the original
and sometimes shares other versions that
might be useful.

Art-e-zine is based in the UK
and shares a myriad collection of old photographs
and postcards.
From geishas to cowboys,
from darling children to beautiful ladies,
you wont want to miss this site. will display thumbnails
for you to peruse, page by page.
Just click on one to see it larger.
This site shares all kinds of ephemera,
from advertising to photographs to postcards.

Art-e-cats also shares thumbnails.
There doesn't appear to be many,
but what is there is worth checking out.

Victorian Vignettes is a blog site that shares images
and makes it easy to find what you may be looking for.
A column on the right side will direct you
to animals, Egyptian ephemera, seasonal, flowers, and more!

that shares lost advertising for travel,
automobile, gasoline,
cruise travel, and more.
This one is interesting just to look at!

Reminiscene is another UK site
that has displayed many lost photos obtained from
Antique shops and fairs.
Their goal is to reunite these with their ancestors.

Outside the Margins shares some fun photographs
that are worth looking at.
Many are colorized,
most are fun or even quirky.

Karens Whimsy displays another nice list
from which you can choose from.
This one is located on the left-hand side
and offers an array of interests,
including the ancient past, Native Americans,
silhouettes, vintage fashions,
and so much more!
This is a fun site.

Briar Press  displays printer block images
that you will find in black and white.
They share single letters, frames, labels,
and clip art.
While some are for sale, they offer many for free.

What do you use ephemera for?

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