Sunday, December 18, 2011

Really Bad Christmas Ads

You're a Bad Role Model, Santa

I hope you kept the receipt.

OH!  You're going to be doing the laundry!  That's great!!

...than with you, if that's what you give her.

And just as I'm getting into puberty, too!

Santa needs to share his cookies with "the wife."
Santi, them ciggies'll getcher gloves all yeller.

Who knew Santa was such an old fart?

Buy yourself a gun for Christmas.

Get one for everyone!

Oh yes!  Get a scale for Christmas!

Delivery boy wishing you happy smoking this Christmas!

Ronny's merriest Christmas is with Chesterfield.
And lots of'em!

I vacuum with a smile and a dress.
Don't you?

All the other ladies will be so jealous,
and cancer-free.

Smoke-up, darling.
We've plenty of life insurance.

Santa really gets around.
This kid stuff is just a cover-up.

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