Thursday, September 15, 2011

Canning Labels - Free!

I saw these labels on Garden Therapy, a blog I was perusing the other day.  It got me wondering if there might be other free canning labels to be gleened from the web.  Once again, inspiration pays off.  I'll share my bounty with you.

Be sure to set your printer to have no borders, or your labels may print out too small.

Garden Therapy offers labels in plaid, polka dot, and solid
The solid colors are linen. olive, and pumpkin.


A Sonoma Garden shares her labels with us.  She even has some for Christmas!  Be sure to read her printing instructions.  I didn't and now have a dozen 1-3/4 inch labels.


Alenka's Printables shares labels that we can personalize. 
They offer both round and rectangular 2' x 4" labels.


These have got to be my favorite!  Kathy, At Merriment Design scanned some fabric to get these beautiful labels in rich colors.  My computer took a long time to upload the pages, but you get three pages of 2" labels that you can personalize (edit the text by clicking the text tool). 
Worth the wait!


At Sweet Preservation you can find all kinds of lovely labels.  She found these above at Bohtieque, an Etsy shop where someone sells all kinds of lovely labels.

This darling leaf design was found on the Notepourri Etsy Shop.


I just love this one!  It's from the Bitter Betty Blog. 
She has a great one for vegetables, too.


Miss Cutiepie puts this very vintage set of labels together
with an image from the Graphics Fairy.


It's difficult to see in this photo, but these labels are fun and bright.
You can find them at Frugal Living.
It's also where you find these spunky labels,
with crosshatch, zigzag, checks, and polka dots.


So I've been using this.

My new plan is to print out a few of these labels,
precut them while watching TV,
and have'em at the ready next time I finish a batch of preserves.
Probably green tomatoes.

Make those jars pretty, friends!


  1. Thank you for this lovely collection of jar labels!

  2. You're very welcome, Pricila. I'm glad you enjoy them. Happy canning!


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