Friday, September 16, 2011

Southern Tomato Preserves

Isn't it pretty?  And my family never knew what it was made from.  Hubby loved it.  My 5-yr-old licked the spoon clean and would've gone back for more if I hadn't stopped him (ew, I'm a little germaphobic).  And my fifth-grader thought it was made with orange and lemon.  

You may recognize the recipe from my Pioneer Preserving Recipes series.  This is Tomato Preserves from down south.  It's made with yellow tomatoes, which are sweeter than the reds.  I used what I had, which was some yellow ones from my dad's garden, one orange and one pink tomato, which are sweeter than all my reds. 

I've doctored up the recipe a bit, the way I'd like to do it next time.  The original recipe is in the series.

Southern Tomato Preserves
makes 1/2 pint

1 pound small, yellow tomatoes
boiling water
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 lemon, sliced thin

Pour boiling water over clean tomatoes.
Cover tightly 2 minutes.
Place the sugar and tomatoes into earthen or enamel bowl for 24 hours.
Drain into pot.
Set aside tomatoes.
Boil syrup.
Add tomatoes and lemon.
(If you're using any larger-sized tomatoes, go ahead and cut them.)
Cook just until thickened.
Fill sterilized jar and seal.

Delicious on crisp buttered toast!
Happy experimenting, friends!
Life is short.


  1. what is the "syrup" say boil the tomatoes? Is that and the sugar, combined, the "syrup". Sorry, being slow maybe, LOL thanks.

  2. Yup, the tomatoes and sugar make a nice, sticky, sweet syrup. :)


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