Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrift Finds

This is an exciting topic for me.  I'll be amending it periodically.  What's your exciting "new" find?  Don't be shy.  Here's a chance to give a shout out to your vigilance and economy.

I found this at a nearby garage sale for either 25 or 50¢.  It came with a bunch of artificial flower stuff in it, which they tossed for me.  It was minor cleaning for me, now I just love this sturdy, bright red bowl!  It's pretty and practical.

I collect these glazed flower pots.  They're very pricey lately, so my collection grows at a turtles' pace.  These were a jackpot find at a total of $4.25 for the lot!  I found them at an estate sale at an old farm not far from where I live.  The mid-size generally sell for about $15.00.  These are pretty and perfect for houseplants because they always have a drainage hole at the bottom.

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