Saturday, March 19, 2011

Name Quilt

I made this quilt for the baby of a good friend some seven years ago.

The ladies in my quilting group are blessed with fabric donations from time to time, of which we are happy to share.
This darling boy quilt was made with some of these precious donations.
I mixed it up with other "masculine" type fabrics.

With such fun fabrics all I needed was to organize decent sized squares together.  I wanted a little something more, however.

We bounced some ideas off one another,
a great reason to be a part of a crafting group. 
Looked at several books, another benefit of membership.
Ultimately, we came up with piecing the letters for his name.
A variety of greens, on hand, became the color of choice for the little guy's name.

I wish I could remember the names of the books from which I'd gotten the patterns, both for the letters and for the frog prince.  If I recall correctly, it was two different books.

For a time, a few of us had dabbled in paper peicing.  Some of you may remember the method from not so long ago, perhaps you too harbor yet unused patterns.

This is only one of many paper piecing pattern books

Both the frog prince and the letters were paper pieced.
The frog prince pattern came from one book, the letter patterns from another.

Books like these are out there, most with clear and simple directions.

Your library is a great resource. 
They offer lending from other counties if yours doesn't have what you need. 
It's a good way to discover if a book is worth your investment.

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