Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bean Art, a Vintage Folk Art


I remember working the Minnesota State Fair when I was fourteen.  My job was to sit in the back of the Bean Room in the Ag/Hort building.  I would sit back there reading Danielle Steel (hey, I was really young) and pick up anything that fell out of sorts.  This was the room where the Legume Art entries were showcased.  I know it sounds kind of silly to some, but some of them were quite amazing.  You may have seen these. 

Me (left) at about age 14, Halloween 1985

When I was sent an update from the Someday Crafts blog site it brought me back a few years.  I thought "Gosh, this would make a great fair project for the kids!"  So I'm sharing it with you as well.

The blogger suggests first finding a frame. 
Next, an image. 
Pencil the image onto a board that fits into your frame. 
She painted the background the color of the legumes used so the brown of the board didn't show through.

Next, using tacky glue, she filled in the spaces as indicated by given color.  Obviously tedious, this is what brings satisfaction in the end.  Attention to detail.  You may also choose to paint your frame a new color.

Now I know what we're going to be doing this June!


  1. Check out this link for the queen of crop art @ MN State Fair:

  2. Cool! I love the Zebra, the Loon, and Buster. Of course, the Hen and Chicks are darling! Thanks for the link, Linda!


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