Sunday, March 20, 2011

Capris From "High Waters"

I spotted this on a site called "One Hot Crafty Mama."  I was so impressed with her idea, and the way she applied it, that I had to try it out for myself.  

I just wanted to offer a few extra directions.  My daughter was eager to help, mentioning it would make a good 4H project.  Good thinkin'!

1.  Trim "high water," or holey-knee pants to desired length

2.  Cut four 4 x 22" strips
 We figured the strips of fabric needed to be wide enough to be folded in half, with an ample stitch allowance for the gathered ruffle.  For this, our first project - our prototype - we decided on 4 x 22 inches.  It just looked good on the cutting mat.

3.  Join together
 We'll want a continuous ruffle around each leg, so we join two strips together.  Now we have two 4 x 44 inch strips.

4.  Sew together into a long tube
 Our ruffle will be "right side" on both sides, so we sew a long, skinny tube.  The finished tube will be 1.5 x 44 inches.  Turn the rough ends in, but don't stitch.

5.  Turn out and baste along stitched edge, iron

6.  Gently pull basting stitch to ruffle your fabric tube, then pin to the outside edge of pant leg, as shown

This is where the project can get a bit "hairy."  Take your time and don't be in a hurry. 

Keep things as even as you can, remembering that imperfections will be hidden in all the gathering.  You'll also be sewing around again. 

Tuck one turned-in end inside the other and flatten smooth.  Pin these together near, but not onto the inner seam.  You may tack these shut at the end of the project, if you wish, but the very small opening should not cause a problem.

Use pins to hold the bunchy ruffle down, and stitch slowly.  NEVER sew over a pin with your machine.

7.  Stitch twice around to sew the ruffle

8.  Stitch twice, evenly, around the outside of pant leg to hold ruffle flat and down

This last part is important in order to hold the ruffle in place, and keep the inside bulk to a minimum.  Also gives a nice, finished look.

(Blogger didn't wish to print upright)

 These are my daughter's new carpi's, and she absolutely loves them!  She picked the color for the ruffle, and has lots of matching shirts for them.  Now she can't wait to wear them to school!

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