Sunday, March 20, 2011

Popsicle Stick Easel

I had these jumbo sized popsicle sticks left from a chore jar that I had made for the kids.  Something to help them earn a little extra money, something that sat around collecting dust.

Sooo ... instead of writing up some more job ideas that would never get done, I thought this looked like a fun, positive way to use up some sticks.

With four sticks, one set aside for the ledge, I taped the other three together. 

Electrical tape or duct tape would work well for this as they come in many colors and offer some stretch.  I used some 20-yr-old photography tape from my art school days.


Go ahead and gently bend the easel into position.  Hopefully you can see in my next photo that I have a strip of tape hanging from the back side of the front part of our easel.  I've carefully attached another piece to about one-third of the way down so that there would be no exposed sticky tape.

For the ledge I used super glue.  I love the stuff, it sticks right on there and won't come apart.  That applies for both straight and crooked ledges.  Of course you can use hot glue, which is more forgiving.

The site on which I found this project, Family Fun (I LOVE this site!) suggests that you use regular glue, then simply hold your ledge in place with a pencil. 

Lastly, I trimmed a piece of card stock to a diminutive size, then it was time for my little Picasso to create his masterpiece.

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