Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ribbon and Button Bookmark

 We had a snow day.

In the middle of March.

On Tuesday we were coming out of our 7th snowiest winter on record.  We could see parts of our lawn and most of our patio.  There was real excitement in the air.

On Wednesday we had officially reached our 5th snowiest season on record.  We awoke to yet another winter wonderland, everything covered in white.  Our lawn, our patio, our driveway, our road.

We desperately needed a distraction.  The kids had been bored for months and if I had chandeliers, well I'll just say it's good I don't.

I instructed them to leaf through our craft books and find something.  Two of them did.  One will be featured during the Thanksgiving season in November (Cute Paper Squirrel).  Today's post features the other.

The Family Fun website

Today's Ribbon and Button Bookmark is a page that I saved from my Family Fun magazine but can also be found on their website.  It's a simple project for the kids that is something they can do on their own. 

All you need is some ribbon and buttons.  Tacky glue is the best adhesive for children, it's thicker than Elmer's glue and safer than hot glue.  Just cut the ribbon to about 12 in. then decorate both ends to match (or not!).

Each family member got to pick their own book marker at the end of the day

Posted on The Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday 3-26-2011.

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