Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sewing tips

Debbie at Squiggly Twigs Designs offers a pattern-saving tip.  This would work wonderfully with our larger-sized patterns to preserve them for longer use. 

I love her comment about not spending money on a "one use tool."  A very good point.

Gigi from Behind the Seams shares lots of helpful hints for sewing the perfect top stitch.  Straight and even, professional-looking stitches.  From the size and width of your presser foot to the length of your stitch, she covers everything you need to know in a quick, easy read with lots of photos.

We all know about pinking shears, but Emily from Oliver + s goes one step further.  It's frustrating to work with fabrics that fray too easily.  Your left wondering if your stitching will even hold.  I was impressed with her advice to take that extra step to pink, then stitch down the seam allowance.  Simple genius. 

Mary Ray, a contributor at Threads Magazine reminds us that the way we trim our fabric can make a big difference.  From grading to avoid a visible ridge, to notching for a perfect corner. 

I've found myself forgetting this rule while looking at a bunchy corner.  It's discouraging to find that you need to go back a step.

Happy sewing!

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