Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrifty Hints

1.  Save the bags inside cereal boxes. They are stronger than zip-loc bags and work great for crushing crackers or for holding coatings for meat (think shake and bake).

How many zip-loc bags have I torn for crushing crackers into crumbs?  Even when I double them.  What a waste!  It reminds me of my grandparents saving their bread bags, but they had money to help their kids - we don't!  Maybe "cheap" has it's place.

2.  Signs taped all over the house in strategic places help you nag your kids less.

Well, sort of.  I do this and it's no sure-fire guarantee.  Keep it simple and move it around periodically to keep them on their toes. 

4.  Save the plastic tags from bread loaves to apply on the ends of tape rolls. You know how tape sticks to itself and you can never get it unstuck without a hassle?  The little tag will prevent this.

This is clever!  I'm going to start tomorrow!  I love how this gives them a double-life.  What else could be done with them?  Especially useful with children and the elderly.

5.  Don't toss your squeezed and zest lemons and/or oranges, add them to the interior cavity of roast chicken for a wonderful flavor.

Yum!  I have an "Autumn Roast Chicken" recipe that has me basting my bird with a mixture of honey, garlic, rosemary, and lemon juice.  This would be an especially nice addition.

3.  Put rubber bands around a cold or slippery glass to prevent kids from dropping it.

This is similar to the "bath tub applique" idea from an earlier post.  This offers a temporary solution, if you would rather not apply adhesives to your cups.

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