Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Letter "A" with Vicki Lansky

I really enjoy these kinds of books.  They always offer something useful and often surprising.  I found so many useful things from Vicki Lansky's books that I can't cover them all in one post. 
You'll find some notable, some far-fetched, some you'll be ready to incorporate into your household routine.  I don't give everything from the book, just what seemed useful to me.  You'll find this, and several like it at your local library.

Address Labels
Stick one with your phone number inside your eyeglasses case, I wish I would've.  I might have gotten my favorite pair returned. 
Place them on school supplies, especially the more valuable ones. 
It's a great way to mark your books.
Address rebates with these.
Place one on the inside of your gas cap, not a bad idea!  We've lost one of these before, too!
Carry a few with you in your purse.


Airline Bags
Keep a couple of these in your car for motion-sensitive tummies.
(We ended up filling our with roadside berries on an impromptu stop.)

Alcohol (rubbing)
Can clean your paint brushes.
May remove grass & dye stains, and sticky hairspray from your curling iron.
Makes your chrome shiny again.
Kills aphids and mealy bugs on plants (dilute first)

Aluminum Foil
Crunch up a wad and polish the chrome on your old playpen or stroller.
Wrap the door knobs when painting.
Make a substitute funnel or place mat
Wrap heavy-duty foil around panel of insulation board & tuck behind radiators & baseboard heaters to reflect heat into room.
A wedge of foil makes a quick fix for loose batteries.
Remove rust spots with crumpled foil dipped in cola.
Wrap matches to keep dry.
Pot scrubber.
Cat toy.
Place inside garment when ironing on patch to prevent adhesive from spreading.
Line fireplace 4-5 in high for easier clean-up.

Tie a soaked rag onto your trash can to keep Fido away, maybe it works on raccoons, too. Removes scorch spots on pots & pans.
Cleans combs & brushes with solution 1:1 water to ammonia.
Window cleaner = 1/2c ammonia + 1qt water + 2 Tbsp vinegar.
 1:1 Turpentine & ammonia takes paint out of clothes; saturate several times, then wash with warm soap suds.  Rinse

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