Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thrifty Letter "C" with Vicki Lansky

1  Use in the fireplace during summertime.
2  Rub a white candle over the address label on a package to seal from moisture.
3  Candle stubs are good for sharpening pins.
4  The best for preventing tangles in thread while sewing.
5  Fill fragile figurines with wax to give them extra heft and resistance.

Cardboard Tubes
1  Stuff your plastic bags in them to keep things tidy.
2  Wrap table clothes and runners around them for wrinkle-free storage.
3  Slit lengthwise & slip onto hangers to keep trousers crease-free.
4  Re-roll wrapping paper.
5  Cram full of twigs for a sure-fire fire-starter.
6  Store accessory scarves wrinkle-free.
7  Trim short and use around tender seedlings that are susceptible to cutworm.

Carpet Scraps
1  Nail a small piece onto a block and use for cleaning window screens.
2  Glue under the chairs that slide on vinyl surfaces.
3  Muffle a noisy sewing machine while baby naps.
4  Use for Fido’s bed.

Cat Litter
1  Use to help clean vomit.
2  Helpful for vehicle spills on the driveway and in the garage.

1  Hide hairline cracks in plaster walls, using a matching color.
2  Rub onto stains to absorb the oils that hold dirt.
3  Absorb odors in closets & toolboxes.

1  Useful as a chip clip.
2  Clip your recipe cards at eye level for ease while cooking.
3  Clip to bottom of wet garments to help shape & prevent wrinkles.
4  Squeeze toothpaste.
5  Help little hands hold playing cards.
6  Hold objects together while gluing.

Coffee Can
1  Waterproof toilet paper dispenser while camping.
2  Punch holes in the sides, remove both ends and use as a charcoal fire starter.
3  Make stilts with two cans and some rope.

Coffee Filters
1  Make good disposable snack holders.
2  For easy cleanup, grease as usual and place inside small-sized bread pans then bake.
3  Cover dishes while cooking in microwave.
4  Use as a base on the kitchen scale when weighing ingredients.
5  Line a sieve when straining frying oil.
6  Use as separators between your good china.
7  Store inside your iron skillet to absorb moisture & prevent rust.
8  Clean windows and mirrors with them, they’re lint-free!
9  Line your nonstick pots and pans to prevent scratching.
10  Use these for polishing shoes.
11  Work well as a fabric stabilizer.

1  Prevents grease splatters.
2  Reheat cooked rice & pasta by placing inside a colander, then pouring very hot water over it.

1  Helps when you need to drill several holes to the same depth.
2  Attach to your keys when boating.
3  Attach to the tip of sharp knife blades.
4  Replace lost lid knobs for your pots and pans.  (My crockpot's missing one right now!)

Cotton Balls
1  Place at the end of a drawer runner to prevent from pinching little fingers.
2  Soak in bleach then let sit for a few hours on mildewed bathroom corners, rinse well.

Make a decent furniture scratch cover-up.


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