Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to do With All This Crafty Stuff?!

We want to keep everything in one room.  Preferably the room where they'll be used, as this makes for faster and easier clean-up.  However, most of us are not able to have a craft, hobby, or art room.  Aim for storing your supplies in one place.  You want to avoid the hunt for materials.

Claim for yourself a small closet, a space under the stairs, or just a designated area in a room.  You can arrange your furniture to facilitate this new arrangement rather nicely with a little effort, essentially separated from the rest of the room.

You may need to invest in some storage, or use what you have and collect good storage slowly over time.  The key is to label your storage very clearly.  This is where you make it easier for yourself!  Both for location and for cleanup.

Consider putting some shelves up on the wall.  This increases usable storage space while keeping things accessible.

Finally, try to adopt a regimen that includes cleanup time.  As aggravating and difficult as it is to interrupt yourself when your on a creative roll, you'll be glad the next time it's craft time!

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