Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tee Shirt Scarf

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Isn't this fun?  For those of you with children, for you garage sale and thrift shop fanatics, for the hand-me-down beneficiaries...this is your moment!  A profusion of cool, witty, adorable tees have passed through your prudent fingers and you sometimes hate to get rid of some favorites. 

What do you do when you've got your inquisitive hands on a really great tee, but it's the wrong size for anyone in the home?  Well, you hold on to it for months, of course, until you realize that it's time to just donate it to some other lucky bloke.  Well, no more!  Here's a practical and trendy way to put them to "upcycled" use.

Check out Cathe Holden's blog for some great instructions on how to make a lightweight or heavyweight scarf for your daughter, or for yourself.  Fun gift idea, too!  This would make a great 4H project or general fair project.  I could just kick myself for several really snazzy ones that got away!  But I've got my eye on a few soon-to-be outgrown tees...and there are a few I now regret donating.

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