Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrifty Letter "B" with Vicki Lansky

Baby Food Jars
Reuse for dry cereal snacking, they'll last longer than that cute little plastic goldfish from the grocery isle.
Keep as an emergency cup in your car, great for rest stops during road trips.
Fill with Jell-O or pudding for the perfect kid-sized treat.

Organize your hardware; screw lids to underside of wood shelf, fill jars with nuts, bolts, etc then screw into place and out of the way.

Baby Oil
Removes oil-based paints.
Try it to remove white spots on wood furniture.
Conditions lashes and brittle nails.
Makes for “ouchless” bandage removal.
Shines your stainless steel sink, just dab a bit on a cloth.
Rids your shower door of scum.
Remove stains from your kitchen and bathroom chrome.

Baby Powder
Freshen Fido’s coat as well as sweaty, sandy summer kids.
Cover up a stain on a white shirt.
Refresh the insides of your rubber gloves.
Reduce that troublesome friction while wearing your favorite skirts.
Untangle a knot from that thin necklace chain.
Freshen the old “musty” book smell from your precious collection.
Fix a squeaky floor board with an application along the edge.
Freshen summer sheets.
Helps keep a deck of cards from sticking.
Good for removing gritty sand from sticky skin at the beach.
Can help remove grease spots from clothing; let sit overnight before brushing off and laundering.

Baby Wipes
Good while training toddler on the lavatory.
Gentle on mom’s tender sutures.
Freshen hands after fuel stops.


Bags, Brown Paper
Speeds ripening for your fruits & veg.
Store your mushrooms in a moist paper bag to keep longest.
To store onions long term, keep in fridge in a paper bag.
Drain fried foods & cool cookies on a paper bag.
Use for removing wax with warm iron.
Place over your windshield to save scraping.

Bags, Plastic
Cut up green bags into strips and tie onto child's belt for Hawaiian “grass” skirt.
Store over your heaters in the summer,  around your fans in winter.
Cover ceiling fans during remodeling.
Keep in kids’ closet for catching outgrown items.

Cover well-watered plants with transparent bag just before vacation, keeping out of direct light.

Dust covers for seldom-worn clothing.
Store extras in bottom of waste basket.

Wrap one up to the size of piece of gum, slip rubber band around it, drop in purse - never know when you’ll need it!

Spray paint small items inside of one.
For intense toilet cleaning, place hand in bag, scrub, then toss.
Cover shoes before packing to keep other garments clean.
Keep feet dry inside not-so-waterproof shoes or boots.
“Wear” when mixing meatloaf.
Set metal furniture legs into after carpet shampoo to prevent rust.
Funnel for liquids.
Waterproof a mattress by splitting and placing under sheet.
Indispensable for travel, auto, camping, picnic.


Bags, Zip-Loc
Protect your flashlight outdoors in damp weather.
Marinate meat, using less ingredients.
Mix your deviled egg filling, then clip off a corner and use to fill egg halves.
Bring to beach to keep cell phone & I-pod dry and safe from sand.

Keeps drains open: pour ½ box, followed by 1c vinegar - after bubbling subsides, flush with hot water (best way to use old fridge/freezer box.)

Use as a non-chemical facial scrub.
Use as toothpaste.
As mouthwash = 1teaspoon + glass water.
Works as antiperspirant.
Freshens your hampers.
Extinguish a small grease fire (not deep fat fryer fires).
Removes black scuff marks from your floor.
Absorbs grease stains from fabric.
Deodorizes your cutting boards.
Removes perspiration stains.
Cleans your fiberglass shower & tub.
Add to kitty's litter for freshness.
Soak sour smelling dish clothes for freshness.
Use as a bleach booster.
Makes a good cleaner for white shoes, dolls, and plastic high-chairs.
Good for blotting bed-wetting accidents.
Helps with absorbing vomit odor.
Cleans plush toys that cannot be laundered.


Bottle, Soda Liter
Top as a funnel, bottom keeps celery longer in a bit of water.
Use as a hot water bottle.
Use as an ice block for pet on hot days.

Bottle, Prescription
Holds bobbins.

Remove and save from retired old clothing.
Can make adorable décor when displayed in an old mason jar.
Use in place of lost markers on a board game.
Keep track of tiny pierced earing pairs.
Glue to the bottom of a short table leg to stop wobbling

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