Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Must Have Hope

I'm going through a rough patch, as they say.  As do each of us in the different seasons of our lives.  I was having a conversation with my dad some months ago, who told me of this hymn that was a source of comfort to him during his divorce in the mid 1980's, when I was a young teen. 

It struck me what wonderful advice his was.  He knew that I needed an uplifting message of compassion and hope.  He understands that he's still "Daddy" at times like this, and that I still place him into a significant role.  I know that he still wants to fix the big, bad world and make things right.  Well he does.  More than he knows.

Suddenly Theres A Valley

When you've climbed the highest mountain
When a cloud holds the sunshine in
Suddenly there's a valley
Where the earth knows peace with man

When a storm hides the distant rainbow
And you think you can't find a friend
Suddenly there's a valley
Where friendships never end

Touched only by the seasons
Swept clean by the waving grain
Surveyed by a happy bluebird
And kissed by the falling rain

When you think there's no bright tomorrow
And you feel you can't try again
Suddenly there's a valley
Where hope and love begin

Suddenly there's a valley
Where hope and love begin

By Chuck Meyer and Biff Jones, 1955

My troubles haven't disappeared.  I'm smack in the middle of a couple of ugly buggers now.  But there is a pause.  A break.  A breather.  I can stop for a hot cocoa with my kids.  I'll lay down for a cuddle with my preschooler.  Read a book.  Chat with my 15-yr-old about his last basketball game.  Talk with my 12-yr-old about his new pet and his up-coming birthday.  "Do" my 10-yr-old daughters' hair.

These are moments that I choose not to indulge myself in my troublesI give the moment wholly to the moment itself.  To my child.  To myself.  It's a nice break.  It's a great relief!  It's the valley in my often formidable journey.

We weren't built to endure such onslaught without some consolation.  You and I are capable of quite an astonishing degree of hardship, however we must have hope.  A pull, a reminder, a promise.

We must remember our hope.  Designate reminders.  I have invested immeasureable commitment, vigilence, time, and love into my family, but they won't necessarily reciprocate such loyaty.  Most of mine does, but the fact is, time and again family will hurt us deeper than any stranger ever could.

I'm motivated unfailingly by my hope in Christ.  The troubles are the same, but they lose their intensity.  I'm never "hopeless."  My reminders are His promises.  I know that I'm not a mistake!  (Psalm 139:15)  I know that I am loved and there is nothing that can seperate me from His love (1 John 4:16, Romans 8:38).  I am a child of God and He doesn't count my sins (1 John 3:1, 2 Corinthians 5:18).  God plans hope for my future (Jeremiah 29:11).  I am treasured, and even rejoiced over!  (Zepheniah 3:17, Exodus 19:5)  He waits for us (Luke 15:11).

It's hard not to be motivated with Someone like that on your side!  It's easy to be hopeful.  Life isn't really easier to live.  But you do feel that you can try again.


  1. Great insights Lani. I have learned a lot from this posting! Take care my friend...May God wrap his loving arms around you each day. Picture that and bask in it and it will bring encouragement to you! Love ya! MMF

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, MMF! That is what we're here to be for one another. All the best & His abundant blessings to you! Love you, too!


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