Monday, March 7, 2011

Save on Gas

I remember, not so long ago, when gas stations wouldn't take $100 dollar bills.  Now we're scrambling for money-saving ideas.  I am, too.  Here are a few I've discovered:

1.  Be sure your air filter is clean.  Use a performance air filter instead of the paper kind, which is restrictive to airflow.  You want oxygen to reach your engine.  This gives you better gas mileage.

2.  Trucks, cover your bed for better airflow with a tonneau cover.  Gives extra security and takes 30min. to install.

3.  Truck owners not interested in covers might consider air-flow tailgates.

4.  Consider a performance air intake for outstanding airflow.   Air is delivered faster and in significantly higher volumes.  Check it out. 

5.  Know the quickest route. 

6.  Performance exhaust frees your exhaust flow, virtually ending turbulent back pressure that can hold your vehicle much the way drag does.  The average improvement to gas mileage is between 1 and 2 mpg, which varies by vehicle.  Improves horsepower, too.

7.  Choose aerodynamic roof storage for long-distance travel.

8.  Deflectors let the outside breeze into your vehicle, which makes it easier to leave the air conditioner off.  Your AC can be quite the power hog on your system, dragging down gas mileage as much as 10%.

9.  Tire Pressure:  if your tires are under-inflated, your vehicle has to work that much harder to spin them.  The friction caused by these flabby tires could be sucking your gas mileage by 2mpg or more.  Not to mention the premature tread wear that will cost you serious cash down the road.  Just remember that over inflation is just as bad.

1.  Take it easy.  Hard driving is bad fuel economy.

2.  Don't idle.  Contrary to popular belief, having to restart your car isn't worse for your fuel economy if you're going to idle for longer than 1 minute.

3.  If you have "Overdrive," use it.  It's the most efficient operating gear, more so than standard "Drive."

4.  Don't carry heavy cargo unnecessarily.

5.  Don't use your lights in the daytime, unless it is warranted.  Anything that causes extra strain on your system will affect gas mileage.

6.  Keep on top of your tire pressure.

7.  Keep your tire alignment in good order.

8.  Get regular oil changes, tune-ups, and inspections.

1.  Fuel additives.

2.  Fuel system magnets.

3.  Warm-water ice-removal.

4.  High-octane fuel.

5.  Coasting on neutral.

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