Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Letters "N and O" with Vicki Lansky

Nail Polish, Clear

1  Spread over special decals that you wish to make permanent.
2  Use to keep ends of ribbon or shoe laces from fraying.
3  Cover areas on new shoes that are prone to scuffs, preventing the problem ahead of time.
4  Fill small holes in windows or windshields.
5  Stop runs in nylons.
6  Seals some of the holes in an over zealous salt shaker.
7  Prevent rust on the screws of your toilet seat.
8  Cover the bottom of the can of shaving cream to prevent rust spots in your shower.
9  Make wobbly drawer knobs more snug when you dip the screw tip in polish.

Nail Polish, Color
1  Will brightly mark the ounces on Baby’s bottle.
2  Red dot on the hot water faucet for the learning toddler.
3  Mark poisons in the home with a red “X.”
4  Mark the “9” and the “1” on your telephone.
5  Fill in the color of your faded old jewelry.
6  Mark your golf, tennis, racket balls.
7  Mark hard-to-find arrows on your medicine dosage cups.
8  Mark measuring cups with lost marks.
9  Dip the end of thread for easier threading.

Nail Polish Remover
1  Remove burns on wood furniture; dip cotton swab & rub carefully, scrape gently with dull knife. Fill in with clear polish.
2  Remove scuff marks on floors.
3  Remove bumper stickers.
4  Remove paint on windows.
5  Remove superglue from fingers.
6  Cleans scissors.

1  Usefor patterns to preserve the original.
2  Use as garden mulch (clean up at the end of the season).
3  Use as litter.
4  Use for packing.
5  Wrap green tomatoes at frost time - they’ll ripen beautifully.
6  Dry newly-washed windows.
7  Gives traction on the ice.
8  Helps to remove odors from plastic containers.
9  Removes cleaner residue.

1  Old nylons great for “breathable” insect jar covers.
2  Thread wire coat hanger through old nylon to make a pool skimmer.
3  Use to collect seashells when beachcombing.
4  Makes a good bungee.
5  Use the top as a large binder: think trash can or newspapers.
6  Layer as twice thickness and fill with dried fragrant herbs, use in the dryer for freshness. Better for your sensitive skin.
7  Cover your vacuum nozzle when you’ve lost something valuable that’s hard to find.
8  Center a bar of soap and knot on each end, use for a back scrubber.
9  Store your plant bulbs.
10  Make good tomato ties.

Old Bottle Nipple
Use baby’s worn bottle nipple for piggy bank that’s lost it’s plug.

Old Safety Gate
Works well as a drying surface for your sweaters.

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