Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrifty Letters "K, L and M" with Vicki Lansky

Key Ring
Attach to child’s zipper tab to ease zipping.

Kitty Litter
1  Fill old nylons and use as odor-eaters in basements, closets and sneakers.
2  Layer a couple inches at the bottom of the trash pail.
3  An economic absorbent for vehicle leaks: apply heavy layer, let stand for a day, sweep, clean with strong detergent, rinse.

4  Gives traction to stuck tires in snow.
5  Helps keep pet cages odor-free when lining the bottom.

Laundry Basket
Use for beach toys.

Lemon Juice
1  Whitens and freshens chopping boards.
2  Whitens ivory handles.
3  Get more juice from your citrus when warming it for 30 seconds.
4  Helps remove fruit and berry stains.
5  For a sour cream or buttermilk substitute, mix 1 Tbsp into 1 c. milk.
6  Add to your wash to remove rust from your cottons.
7  Removes ink spots on cloth.
8  Whiten your sock in a pan of boiling water with a slice or two of lemon.
9  Cleans brass and copper, just salt ½ lemon and scrub.
10  Eliminates odors in your humidifier, use ¾ capful.
11  Whitens nails: soak 5-10 min. brush with equal parts vinegar & water, rinse.

Life Savers Candy
Use for candle holders on birthday cake.

1  Tack your recipe card to a handy spot while you cook.
2  Affix to the inside of your bathroom cabinet for safety pins, hair pins, and other small objects.

1  Helps remove white rings from wood furniture: let stand 1 hr. before removal. For stubborn spots, rub gently with fine wood ash added.

2  Apply to dry, brittle hair 1x week as a conditioner. Leave on for 30 min., shampoo out.
3  Good for removing tar.

Mister Bottles
Dampen microwave; heat 5 seconds, wipe down - easy cleanup.

Muffin Pans
1  Stabilize baking potatoes, peppers, and apples in oven.
2  Pour Jell-O into foil cups.
3  Freeze broth cubes into handy sizes.
4  Let the kids serve drinks in a muffin tin “tray.”

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