Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrifty Letters "G, H, and I" with Vicki Lansky

Garden Hose
1  Punch several holes into it and use it as a garden soaker, losing less water in evaporation.
2  Cover metal tool handles during winter use.
3  Protect young tree trunks.
4  Store over saw blades.
5  Protect extension cords from traffic and weather.

Hair Dryer
1  Removes old contact paper, use dryer set on “warm.”
Remove crayon marks from wallpaper using the “hot” setting, wipes off with a damp cloth and a bit of oil soap.
Clear up baby’s painful diaper rash at changing time, set on “warm” and hold at least 6” away.
Remove that annoying bumper sticker, just warm up a few minutes.
Blow baby powder into an itchy cast for relief.
Loosen a screw.
7  Warm frozen winter car locks and carburetors.
Clean screens with the “cool” setting.
Dry your salt shaker with the “cool” setting before refilling.
10  For gently releasing photos from magnetic album pages, use the “warm” setting.

Removes ink spot stains
Removes lipstick stains
Rids African Violets of plant lice; place your infected plant into a plastic bag, spray into the bag (but not the plant) then tie shut for a day.
Helps preserve dried flowers.
Use as a fixative on chalk drawings.
Preserve precious handwritten recipe cards.
Helps to thread your needle.
Immobilizes the wings of pesky wasps and hornets.


Hanger, Wire
Bend into a large circle to make extra-large bubbles.
Twist to hold your paint can up onto your ladder.
Use as plant stakes.
Stick into a dried corncob for feeding the birds.

Ice Cubes
Remove candle wax by hardening with ice cube, then scraping with table knife.
Remove carpet indentations from heavy furniture, let an ice cube melt into the pocket and the fibers will plump with moisture.
Press an ice cube into undesired gum mishap until it becomes brittle.
Numb the skin prior to splinter removal or eyebrow-plucking.
Place into a soft, clean sock for soothing teething baby‘s gums.


Ice Cube Trays
Freeze baby food in ice cube trays.
2  Freeze black coffee for your iced coffee drinks.

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