Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thrifty Letters "D, E, F, G" with Vicki Lansky

Dental Floss
1  Makes a sturdy thread for buttons.
2  Truss your poultry.
3  Hang a sun catcher.
4  Re-string a child’s necklace.
5  Repair an umbrella or leather stitching.
6  Cut hot cake.
7  Great for repairing torn mesh in play pen.


Denture Tablets
Clean bottles and vases.

Tag, Pet
For frequent travelers, have your child’s name, address, and phone # printed and lace inside their shoe.

Egg Carton
1  Pack small fruits for a picnic.
2  Freeze meatballs in a clean Styrofoam carton.
3  Make ice cubes in clean Styrofoam carton.
4  For a fire-starter, fill cups with dryer lint and paraffin wax. Dry then trim
into sections.
5  Storage for breakable Christmas ornaments.
6  The Styrofoam type make a fun bath tub toy.
7  Upside down they’ll hold tacos.

Emery Board
1  Smooth chips on crystal rims (be gentle).
2  Rub the soles of your shoes for better traction.
3  Pull your sewing machine needle along several times to sharpen.
4  Raises the nap on your suede.
5  Refreshes hardened pencil erasers.

Fabric Softener Sheet
1  Good for cleaning blinds, TV screens, pantyhose, hair: works against static cling.
2  Freshen waste basket, diaper bag, hamper, gym bag, car, sneakers.
3  Filter in your floor register to freshen & cut down on dust
4  Collects pet hair from drapes
5  Place between stored blankets
6  Try pinning one onto junior to keep mosquitoes away

Fabric Softener, Liquid
1  Takes hard water stains off of windows, shower doors and mirrors.
2  A capful in 1 qt water makes a lint-fee glass cleaner.
3  Shocked? Spray dry carpets with equal parts water & fabric softener.
4  Add to final rinse for paint brushes to keep soft and pliable.
5  To remove old wallpaper, fill spray bottle with 2/3 hot water and 1/3 liquid fabric softener; spray, wait 20min, then peel.

Foam rubber
Glue to inside of a barrette to hold in place.

Garden Hose
1  Slit lengthwise and cover swing set chains.
2  Also good as ice skate covers.

Cut the still-good fingers from old gloves to create finger puppets.

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